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A Powerful And Practical 3 Day Event
On How To Leverage Your Time
And Make More Sales. Plus It’s 100% FREE…


Join Ben Jones and Andrew and Daryl Grant over three exhilarating days you’ll never forget…

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Do You Want To…

  • Stop Swapping Hours For Dollars 
  • Have A Steady Reliable Income
  • Get Paid What You Know You’re Worth
  • Become The Authority In Your Niche 

Most experts we talk to are frustrated that the more they earn, the busier they get. They long for a way to leverage their skills, knowledge and experience, but just don’t know how.

However, the good news is, there is a better way. What if we told you there was a system that would allow you to reduce the time you spend in your business while still providing over-whelming value to your clients?

Discover A Completely New, Leveraged Way To Market & Deliver Your Expertise

Over the last 15 years, we have taught thousands of experts across a wide range of industries

a better way to generate revenue.

The key is to limit the time you spend providing services one-on-one, and shift to one-to-many.

This has a few benefits:

  • Your time is leveraged, as you are providing services to many clients at once
  • You market the services via webinar or live event. As a speaker you are automatically seen as an authority, and acquire celebrity status in your niche
  • As an authority or celebrity you’re in higher demand
  • Clients expect to pay more for your services
  • You’re able to impact many more people with your message than you ever could just working one-on-one.

So – how do you make this work?

We’ll share with you our exact system at this upcoming live event.

Jacqui, an artist and single mum from South Australia went from selling paintings and teaching small art classes, to selling a high-priced “Make Money From Art” program. As a result she now has the time and cashflow to travel extensively with her two children. Her business has expanded internationally, and she has bought properties in France where she now runs her “French Art School”.
Steve left his corporate job at a large car manufacturing company, and created a program to teach business owners in Australia the best way to import from China. Using Steve’s systems, his clients can source products 30-50% cheaper than their current suppliers can provide, making a massive difference to their profitability.

We could go on and on with examples, but we’re sure you get the idea…
Now we’d like to share this system with you, at a 3-day Live Event

Here’s What You’ll Learn At This Powerful Event…

Day One
Planning Your Business
  • Our structured, step-by-step system to package up your expertise and turn it into a one-to-many coaching or consulting program priced at $10k – $50k
  • How to come up with an idea that will work, and test that idea to make sure it’s a goer before you put in too much time and effort
  • How to design an offer that has overwhelming value to clients, but is leveraged for you to deliver
  • Eight quick, easy ways to create high quality content that wows your clients
Day Two
Preparing Your Sales Event
  • How to structure an event that show-cases your expertise, provides great value, and leads potential clients to the decision that they would love to learn more from you
  • How to market your event and using the very latest online and offline marketing tactics, including Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, Youtube, LinkedIn and email marketing
  • Event logistics and behind-the-scenes secrets that make the event run smoothly, and maximise sales
Day Three
Selling And Delivering Your Program
  • The seven keys to success in packaging and selling your expertise – miss any one of these and your income can be dramatically reduced
  • How to design and make your offer so that it’s not pushy or “hard-sell”, but instead has clients asking to work with you
  • On-boarding clients and delivering a highly effective program
  • Dealing with mindset issues around selling a high-priced, leveraged program
Entrepreneurial couple Matt and Liz saw an opportunity to apply their offline skills as business brokers, to the online world. They developed a system to buy and sell websites, and then created a training program to teach others how to do the same. Their business has grown rapidly, and they have helped thousands of Australians with their program.
Management consultant Brian had helped a handful of his clients to franchise their companies. He saw an opportunity to help other businesses to navigate what’s often seen as a complex process. By creating an easy-to-apply system, Brian now helps businesses all over Australia to franchise easily, and at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

We could go on and on with examples, but we’re sure you get the idea…
Now we’d like to share this system with you, at a 3-day Live Event

Who Are We And How Can We Help You?

I’m Ben Jones. With my wife Sheri I’m the owner of the Youth In Business program which teaches entrepreneurial skills to teenagers all over Australia. Over the last few years, the Youth In Business team has trained thousands of young people to start successful businesses.

Helping teenagers develop an entrepreneurial skillset, giving them better choices other than just becoming an employee is something we’re really passionate about.

And it’s the system that we’re teaching you here, that has enabled us to get results like this…

…over 80% of all the young people who attend our Youth In Business workshops launch a business and start making sales within a week of attending! Many start making sales in a new business at the event.

We’re husband and wife team Andrew and Daryl Grant. Over the last 13 years we’ve worked with thousands of Australian business owners, helping them to use the power of online marketing to grow their businesses.

We specialise in helping business owners turn their skills, knowledge and expertise into downloadable products. That way, business owners can get paid for what they do well, without having to charge an “hourly rate”.

They build the product once and set up the marketing, which generates an ongoing income. The products we help them create range from little $49 a month membership sites, up to high ticket coaching programs with $10k – $50k price tags.

As well as growing our own businesses, these days we teach our proven, easy-to-implement systems to business owners around Australia.

When And Where Is The Event?

CLICK on the BOOK NOW Button to your nearest city

On The Gold Coast

This FREE, 3-day live event is on

28th Feb – 1st March 2020

Mantra On View Hotel

 22 View Ave, Surfers Paradise
Queensland 4217

It runs from 9am to 5:30pm each day.

Here’s What Others Have Said About Past Events

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Why is The Event Free?

This is a question we actually get asked a lot – we assume what people really mean is “What’s the catch? Is it just going to be a pitch-fest where you hard-sell us for 3 days?”

Well, we guarantee we won’t be hard-selling at you for 3 days! There are actually a few reasons we offer this event free. Here goes:

  • We believe in “walking the talk” – we give you a lot of valuable information for free, which we find is a great way to start a relationship (rather than asking your for something up front).
  • We treat people the way we like to be treated. We don’t like to feel manipulated or “sold to”. We prefer to get to know people first, and see if they are the “real deal” before committing to buy something from them. We assume you feel the same way.
  • We don’t believe in showing you just enough to tease you, and then asking you to pay to get the real stuff. We hate those sorts of events too! What we really love is events that are not just the “tease”, but the real nuts and bolts. Enough information to implement and get results straight away, without having to fork out more money.
  • We know that if you get great value from the event, and you like what you see, you may be interested in continuing to work with us after the event.
  • If you don’t, that’s OK. You will still have gotten lots of valuable information that you can apply in your own time. And we will have hopefully made a difference in your life.
  • If you had a great experience (whether or not you choose to work with us later) you’re likely to tell others about it. A lot of our business grows by word of mouth. We find that treating others the way we like to be treated is a great way to grow a long term, sustainable business.

More Comments About Past Events

“Andrew and Daryl, I loved the amount and level of detail you gave on the step-by-step process to build different types of business.” Keri Algar, Byron Bay
“Good content and tips from Ben and Sheri. More importantly – no hard sales pitch!” Linda Low, Mortgage Broker, Sydney
“Loved the clarity with which the information was presented. The information and the delivery was perfect! Just the right amount to not overwhelm. Thank you so much Daryl and Andrew.” David and Heidi Cuschieri, Surfers Paradise
“We discovered lots of possibilities. The content Ben and Sheri gave was invaluable, and they were professional, engaging and relatable” Nat Dwyer, Perth
“Outstanding info. I have great steps I need to action as a result of this weekend. Thank you Andrew and Daryl so much!!” Steve Carter, Gold Coast
“I liked the real life examples and success stories that Ben and Sheri shared.” Cody Brown, Student, Perth
“Andrew and Daryl are wonderful people to work with. Really Genuine.” Simon and Joanne Bowen, Consultants, Perth
“It’s a no brainer – Go to Ben and Sheri’s event! You’ll leave not only with heaps of business ideas, but a system to implement the one that has the best chance of succeeding.” Gordon Walker, Business Owner, Bogangar, NSW
“Andrew and Daryl, I enjoyed your open sharing of knowledge and experience. Also liked the fact that it wasn’t a “sell, sell, sell” event.” David Eagle, Gold Coast

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